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Published: 23rd May 2011
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Free classifieds on USFreeAds work as the best article marketing seo tool for web visibility. At instances it really works even better than ezine articles so far as search engine results are concerned.

You not only make extremely popular and visited advertisements on this web site once you accomplish that, you also submit a proper article to it; which, if it complies with all of the onsite search engine optimization conditions sought over by the most important search engines like google, immediately will get indexed by them with as good search engine positions as only a few different article marketing sites are able to give you in such a short duration of time for web visibility. You may even write free press releases for any new business announcements of yours including new web site launches and they're going to cross quite a very big number of eye balls simply for reason of being on this superb web site which Google does love so much and prefers putting at the top in its search results.

As I happened to understand the significance of this website as an article marketing site, I verified if it was there integrated in the record of article marketing sites in Magic Submitter; which by now had turned into my preferred web seo tool as an automatic backlink software to get backlinks from article directories, bookmarking sites, extremely established blog websites including countless wordpress blogs, press release websites, rss sharing websites, discussion board websites including expression engine software, video websites including YouTube videos, and many microblogging websites together with twitter and statusnet microblogs alongside; all of it working as internet marketing promotion for larger web visibility of my internet marketing business.

It was not. I very well remembered that it was there as an article marketing service in SENuke as I had tried it for one month earlier than I had determined in favor of Magic Submitter as an seo tool to be my regular automatic backlink software to get backlinks for developing my web visibility.

However that should not be a problem right here, since I might any time incorporate any web site of my choice as a scheduled service in Magic Submitter working as a part of my customized list of services that I could be submitting by means of the magic of this great software to! Real nice facility supplied by Olexandr Krulik here!!

However nonetheless I didn't do so.


There was a reason. I even never used YouTube videos submission service by automatic backlink software of Magic Submitter, for the reason that the size of Youtube is so massive that I did not really feel like taking an risk to submit YouTube videos automatically with out manually ensuring that each single thing in the submission was posted in the absolute best manner.

The same was true of USFreeAds Free Classifieds and it reasonably made me happier that it was not included in the checklist of services in Magic Submitter. I would relatively personally go to it, log in and place my free classifieds aka story in the very best configuration optimizing it for every kind of optimization so that the moment I submitted it, it would be picked up by the search engine robots and listed immediately after being positioned as high as on the very first page of the search engine rankings, especially Google.

Now, one other most important thing for me was to decide as to which membership plan I might be going for so far as my USFreeAds membership was concerned. There was a Free Classifieds Plan, there was one other Gold Membership Plan, and there was the very best Premium Membership Plan.

As I analyzed the website positioning tools and facilities that I might be getting in all three of them; I, without giving a second thought to it, took a decision for the very best one, i.e., the Premium Membership Plan (rather than going for its free classifieds); which provided to me (1) a vast number of advertisements up my sleeve that no other plan did, (2) the facility to use HTML in my advertisements, making it potential for me to make a new web page for it with all of the hyperlinks I wanted to insert at whichever areas inside it with photographs and videos at the best possible places along, and (3) the ability of getting my ads marketed on additional high-visibility sites for free; which only price me $9.99/mo for all this that it was liberally providing to me!

As soon as I started posting on USFreeAds, I never looked back, as I started reaping the advantages of my submissions, manually in YouTube and USFreeAds along with mechanically to 1000's of web sites with my most favorite automatic backlink software Magic Submitter as my finest seo tool for higher web visibility.

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